How to Fix Brightness on Windows 10 Computers?

Windows 10 gives the user several ways for adjusting levels of brightness on their tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Whatever you require to understand about increasing and decreasing your Windows 10 brightness has been given here. Fine tune the levels of brightness according to your liking, reduce the blue levels of light and enable dynamic lighting before sleeping.


How to Adjust the Brightness on Windows 10?

Modifying the brightness on the “Windows 10” computer is straightforward. Users require to change these settings again.

  1. Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and choose the information in the rightmost bottom edge of display on “Windows 10” PC.
  2. Go to the Action Center.
  3. Swipe rightwards of the screen by using your finger.
  4. Users will view a rectangular box along with a sun symbol in the Action Center. This switch is for expanding and minimizing light in “Windows 10”. Users can choose the icon for presetting brightness of the screen. They will range from 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and final 100%. Lowest possible brightness is 0%, while the highest being 100%. The user is good to go among each of certain preset light section. Read further if the user requires addressing some other modifications to the display brightness.
  5. Go to the action center and tap right the button of brightness. Users will get a link named as Go to Settings. Choose it with the help of the left mouse button. If there is a touch device, then make a long press with the help of your finger. Users will get a Go to settings option after they have released the finger.
  6. After choosing to Go to Settings, users will immediately go to the above Windows 10 light settings. It will be inside the central application of settings. There will be a straight bar with a line showing the existing level of light. Pick the line leftwards or rightwards on the bar with the help of your mouse and finger for choosing a certain level of brightness. The brightness of the screen will turn upwards or downwards when you move the line.

What is there with Windows 10’s Dynamic Brightness Setting?

There will be a case named as Change brightness automatically when lightning gets changed. Choose this box for enabling the dynamic lightning feature of Windows 10. This feature takes help of webcam for detecting levels of light.

 For instance- If you are in a dark room, then the screen of your device will get dim so that it can’t hurt your eyes. If you are out on a bright day, then the screen will get brighten up itself because of the settings.

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