The Best But Cheap Tablets of 2021

Today, undoubtedly, smartphones are so popular among people. But when it comes to media streaming on any operating system, it lags most of the time. And here come the tablets to fulfill your requirement of advanced media streaming. But now, the question arises that the tablets come with high price tags. So, here we go, where you won’t have to splurge too much of your hard-earned money to get a powerful tablet in 2021. We are enlisting some of the solid but cost-effective tablets that you can buy currently:

1.  Apple iPad (2020)

The evergreen Apple’s iPad hardly qualifies for our cost-effective tablet criteria, but it sports a few of the best and newfound features around. This 2020 iPad model of the classic tablet comprises an effective battery life with an appealing display to excellent results.

The Apple iPad works on the A12 Bionic processor. This chipset has a configuration of 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. This tablet is the right fit for you if you want to stay within budget. You can expand the storage up to 128GB, which will last for longer. But it will cost you a little more.

While Apple is more secretive with its iPad battery life, the inexpensive tablet is rated for 10 hours. We managed to get as much in our testing. Sadly, the iPad still depends on a Lightning cable. Plus, it doesn’t involve any real fast charging to tell of. You’ll also need to work around the fleshy top and bottom bezels. However, the bottom houses the Touch ID Home button.

2.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

However, the Galaxy Tab A7 is our most costly Android choice for this list, but this tablet feels the best one. This debut into the Tab A lineup mixes a premium-looking design with efficient performance and an appealing display.

The Galaxy Tab A7 model incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chipset and memory configuration of 3GB RAM with 32 or 64GB storage. If you run a speed test, surely this won’t top the list, but it can retain its own speed. This inexpensive Android tablet impressed us with its 7,040mAh battery capacity, which can last for above 10 hours of constant video playback. We’ve long praised Samsung for its appealing designs and displays. And the Galaxy Tab A7 is delivering these features again. It has a 10.4-inches display with a 2000 x 1200 resolution that is appealing, bright, and colorful.

This cheap tablet begins at $229.99, which is more than worth the price. However, it is not the gamers but if you want to play games, then you’ll need to upgrade both the RAM and processor. With the upgraded version of RAM and Chipset, you can play Fortnite too. Besides, everything the Galaxy Tab A7 is going to provide on your casual requirements.

3.  Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Amazon also has introduced a cheap tablet model with its series of Fire tablets. And you know what? None is better than the HD 8 Plus. If you’re willing to get an 8-inch crisp screen, an HD resolution, and Amazon’s Fire Operating System. This tablet is made up of plastic material, which is underwhelming. But it’s nice to get the power of Alexa at your fingertips. The HD 8 Plus is far better if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime as it comprises Audible, Prime Video, and more into the sequence.

Amazon includes nice speakers into its HD 8 Plus tablet, but I’m more impressed by its expandable storage capacity and effective battery life. But its display and performance aren’t the best of the standard on the list, albeit its HD resolution. The HD 8 Plus includes a MediaTek MT8168, and this tablet has a configuration of 3GB RAM.

However, at this price of $109.99, you will be getting much more. This can fit in your budget and is worth the money. So, grab one before the stores get out of stock.

4.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5

If you’re willing to grab a cheap tablet for Android devices which is an iPad rival, then you should consider the Galaxy Tab A 10.5. This tab comes with Google’s Android OS which offers bountiful flexibility. Plus, it is combined with a big HD screen display. The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is excellent for web browsing and streaming movies and shows.

This tablet benefits you with long battery life, which means you can perform seamless binge-watching. However, it’s not the most efficient tablet around, and its bulky size makes it less portable than some others. But for basic app and media use around the house, it’s a great option.

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