Different Ways to Customize Your Samsung Smartphone

You can customize your Samsung device in many ways. There are more than ten different features, settings, and apps that can be utilized in any Samsung smartphone. There are many great applications that you can download to get a lot of different features.

Google Search Bar Widget

Click on the Google search bar available on your Samsung device. Then click on the more option. Here you will get the option to customize the widget. However, in some regions, you cannot customize your widget. The first option will allow you to change the word Google into G.

Users can select the shape of the widget box. They can choose between rectangular or rounded corners and choose the transparent, bright, and dark color theme. You can also customize it to a completely different color via tapping the last option.

After the Google search widget customization, click on the done button on the top of your display screen.

Quick Panel Layout

Open your quick panel on the device and click on the three dots. After that, select the quick panel layout option. Here you will get the option to show or hide brightness control above notifications, devices & media buttons, and you can also choose to show it above the notifications. Users can also edit buttons on the quick panel layout. You can show or hide current buttons.

Control Center

The Control Panel application is functional and helpful. You will get the option to your one-touch controls such as BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, Torch, etc., on the side panel. There will be a lot of things inside the control panel. You can download the Control panel application from the Galaxy Store application, and the application is made by EdgePro Team.

Recent App List

Users can download the One Hand Operation Plus application from the Galaxy store or Play Store. You can set the settings according to the left or right-hand side. You can even change how many items you want on the recent screen by tapping the Task switcher option.

The app also has advanced settings, and it includes animations, changes the arrow colors, and a lot more settings. Users can adjust the task widget size between small, large, and medium. The application allows you to go through your recent application a lot quicker than the default one.

Assistant Sound Setting

You can always download and customize your Sound Assistant. You will get the option to change the volume panel theme. Users can also see the different color options. Under the advanced setting option, users can select the app to control music. Users can download more applications from the Galaxy store or App store.

Motions & Gestures

This setting is available inside your phone settings. You can find it under the advanced setting options. It will allow you to edit a lot of cool features. You can select the option to turn on or off your screen when you double-tap it. By allowing this setting, you will not have to press the power button to check the time or other notifications. However, this feature will consume more battery than usual.

Good Lock

Users can change the look of their device by changing the grid size. They will have to tap & hold anywhere on the home screen. Now go inside the settings. After that, you will get the option to customize the home screen layout, home screen grid, apps screen grid, folder grid, and a lot more options.

If you are not satisfied with the default grid size, then you can download the Good Lock application. Inside the Good Lock application, you will get the Home Up option. Inside the Home Up option, you will get a lot of options such as Home screen, Folder, Backup &restore, Share Manager, Task changer, etc.

Click on the folder option, and you will get the Folder grid option. Now you can set up the Folder icon and Folder screen settings.

LockStar & QuickStar

Good Lock application also includes two sections Lockstar and QuickStar. Users can fully customize their lock screen with the LockStar turned on. Users can move around the clock and other icons under the lock screen. You can also edit the landscape lock screen.

You can also edit shortcut icons on the lock screen. If you have customized it completely, then press the save option to make the changes.

In QuickStar, users can change their indicator icons, clock settings, quick panel, and quick button grid. You can toggle on or off different default indicator icons. Users can change the position and visibility of their clock between left and right. It also has the option to show AM or PM along with the time.


These are some of the few settings that everyone can use to customize their Samsung devices. You can change the complete layout of your device’s user interface. These features will make your device unique and easy to operate.

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